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Like most people you are familiar with us serving as a Performance venue - bringing movies and nostalgia to the big screen, staging a diverse selection of theatrical productions, and filling our auditoriums with music by local and statewide performers.


New in performance for 2024 is the launch of the Temple Youth Theatre Troupe providing young thespians with the full experience of community theatre. Along with staging theatrical productions the youth will learn what goes into bringing a show to life and how to manage all aspects of it.


Have you taken advantage of our educational programming? This year we added paper making classes and a Guitar Intensive for Beginners. There were 3 sessions of paper making in 2023 including specialty papers made solely with plant materials. This will become a quarterly offering in 2024.


Our guitar program was led by a professional guitarist and teacher using his unique teaching method. Our instructor completed two beginner (level 1) sessions, and is now conducting level 2 for continuing students. By mid-2024 we plan to offer Levels 1, 2, and 3 regularly.


This past November, we staged the first of 3 productions by local playwrights on our beautiful Blue Room stage. These productions enable these new playwrights to market and license their work to other theatres.


In September a singer/songwriter, who first appeared on stage at one of our open mic nights, returned to perform as a part of Excellency Music’s showcase.


Our writer’s round table workgroup helps new authors get to publication with critical reviews by fellow participants and by building a network of resources including editors and illustrators to help complete final drafts.


In 2024, through a partnership with the Small Business Development Corporation out of SVSU we plan to offer workshops around the business of being an artist entrepreneur. Topics will include protecting your work, marketing to an audience, branding, and more.

If you'd like to support our  continued growth please consider a tax deductable contribution

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