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Harlan drexel

Actor ~ Graphic Artist ~ Textile Artist

How did you first get in to theatre?


-       I’ve always enjoyed theatre from an audience, but not from the stage. I actually didn’t start being actively involved in theatre until my early 20s. So, the reason I got into doing shows in the first place is because of Erica Tatum. She asked me to be a part of Rocky Horror the very first year we did it at The Temple despite the fact that I had zero experience or an active skill set for theatre. She really took a chance on me being involved in the production. And I’ve been doing theatre ever since then. I never thought performing was something I was going to do in my life or something I’d ever be brave enough to pull off and if it wasn’t for Erica I wouldn’t be doing it at all.


Besides theater, what other creative outlets do you have? Do you take commissions?

-       I draw, paint and do needle felting. Sometimes I write. As far as commissions go, I really don’t do them often due to time or previous commitments, but I have done commissions in the past and I possibly will in the future if it allows for it.


What are you inspired by?


-       Oof. That’s kind if a difficult question to answer. I don’t think I can break it down to just ‘this one thing inspires me.’ I just love theatre. I love the adrenaline. I love the thrill of putting on a show. I love putting on a production starting from the ground up and seeing it all come together. I love the sounds, lights, applause and a show well-done. Who doesn’t? I love being on the stage, but I also love Assistant Directing and Stage Managing just as much as performing. I love the people and I love the team effort. I love how it brings people together. It’s an all encompassing feeling of community. I’m also inspired as a transman to show my community that they absolutely can go out there and do theatre. They just need to the find the right place that values and respects them which I have found in VEP.


What is your next project?


-       Oh, yes. I’m very excited for all of our shows in our upcoming VEP season and there are definitely shows I’ll be working on either behind the scenes and maybe even on stage! I’m also very excited for the rest of our Crypt events which I love co-hosting and putting on!


What do you enjoy most about the theater or art in general?


-       The expression. The ability to put your ideas, thoughts and vision out there and have people get it and enjoy it. The arts bring people together and a lot of the time it helps people find who they are.

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