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Aja jade Philpot

Playwright, Poet, Storyteller

When did you know you wanted to become a playwright?


-       For me, it was never about just being a playwright. It was just about writing. To put my thoughts on paper and let them reign without judgment. I think that’s how everything started. If you ask anyone in my family, they will tell you I have been writing stories since childhood. I’ve gone from storyteller to poet and pretty much everything in between. But if I could pinpoint when I wanted to tell stories specifically, my mom tells me of a moment in my childhood when I was watching television and asked why no one looked like me. I think that was the crux. The true beginning of it all.


Where do you find inspiration?


-       Most of my inspiration comes from all around me. I’ve been dubbed a “People Collector” by my parents. If I know you, you’re in a story. It could be in full or a small detail, a personality trait, or a piece of your history. But I also pull from my own experiences. I try to put a bit of myself into every character I write. Often they’re just versions of myself, those that already exist or those who are yet to.


How has your art changed over time?


-       I sincerely hope it isn’t cliché to say “It’s gotten deeper.” Not just better but deeper. I’ve had more experiences than when I was younger. I’ve grown up and so has my writing. It’s fewer vampires and limousines and more gay college kids with doctors for parents.


What is your next project?


-       I don’t have anything in particular. I’m working on writing another play for Creative 360’s Art Speaks contest. And I know of a few shows are coming up in the tri-cities I’d love to audition for but nothing completely set in stone. I suppose I'm just rolling with the punches.


Besides theater, what other creative outlets do you have?


-       I like to play video games like The Sims 4 and Mario Kart. I also like to draw every so often and work on hand lettering skills. I’ve also done roller derby in the past as well and I’m trying to get back into it.


How do you develop your skills?


-       To say “Writers just write” has never really rung true to me. If I ever thought that was true for myself, I think I’d consider myself a failure as a writer. It’s not that I write, it’s that I create. I try to keep my brain full of ideas. I try to keep moving forward. And I try to surround myself with creative people. Sometimes it’s not about writing something on a page but keeping your brain open for when that moment comes.

Aja's play 'Nyphomaniacs Anonymous' is currently in rehearsals. It will be debuting on stage May 30th & 31st.



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