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elli martin

Photographer, Crochet Artist

Elli Martin first started taking photos in high school. "I was always the friend who had the disposable cameras in everyone's face. I lived for capturing fun moments."


Though she currently shoots with a mirrorless camera, Elli looks forward to slowing down her artistic process with film photography and has dedicated hundreds of hours to her next project - darkroom printing. Her vision is to offer clients the experience of film photos with a dreamy, vintage feel.


When she's not capturing events at the Historic Masonic Temple, or setting up eclectic neighborhood photoshoots with the local ghouls, she loves to crochet. "I'm big into anything spooky or cottage-core." Elli's collection of crocheted critters includes everything from mushrooms to ghosts to bats.


See more of Elli's work below...

Crochet Critters
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