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tabitha vargo

Actress, Wrestler, Theatrical Combat Choreographer

This month’s Artist Spotlight is Tabitha Vargo. You may recognize Tabitha as Trixie from our Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast, as well as various Vanishing Elephant Players productions from Julius Caesar to The Fantasticks. But before she was an actress in the theater, Tabitha graced a different stage. 


“When I was in high school, there was a wrestling promotion that ran in the next town over from me. When I turned eighteen, my friend Jeff and I joined and started training under Midwest Indy Hardcore Wrestler ‘Pretty Boy Redneck’ Levi Blue.  Over the Years I ended up going to The Blue Water Championship Wrestling School, then finally finished my training through Pure Pro Wrestling under Xavier Justice.”


To Tabitha, wrestling and theater are closely linked. 


“It’s all story telling. You can say it with words, your face, actions. It’s about telling a good story.”

Tabitha’s crossover talent and connections brought Pure Pro Wrestling to the Historic Masonic Temple last year—now a regular event for the organization. She’s also used her knowledge of stage combat to choreograph fight scenes in last summer’s sold out production of She Kills Monsters. 


Her love of story telling extends to film as well.


“I’m a huge Kevin Smith fan and July’s Midnight Monster Movie, TUSK (2014), is sponsored by ME! I’ve been wanting to see it since it came out, so I thought why don’t we all watch it together at the Temple? Come see it!”

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