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Artist Spotlight: Liam McBride

Musician, Songwriter, Teacher
Artist Archive

Liam McBride first picked up guitar as a little boy around 5 years old.


 “My grandfather played bluegrass with a few of my uncles. I would sit and listen and watch them play and was just fascinated with the sounds and the songs.”


 After buying his first guitar in 1992, he began teaching a few years later.


“I started teaching in 1999 kinda by accident. One day, I went to this music store I used to hang out in all the time. The owner came up to me and asked me why I looked so bummed. I told him that I got hired at the fast food place next door, but I really didn't want to work there. He kinda laughed and asked me why didn't I just work here at the store. He hired me as a part-time guitar teacher and I've been teaching on and off ever since.” 


For Liam, a good teacher is a passionate teacher. 


“Good teachers give you all the info you need to learn whatever they are teaching but a great teacher lights that fire in your soul and gets you to be just as passionate as they are about guitar or whatever it is they teach.” 


Before teaching, Liam's music career began when he was 15 as a touring artist with his pop punk band.  He has opened for bands such as The Offspring, Blink 182, Weezer, and Green Day.  The list goes on, but in 2002 he started doing more studio work before turning his full attention to his love of teaching.

But guitar does not even begin to cover all of Liam’s interests. When he’s not teaching, Liam enjoys honing his skills as a magician and practices sleight of hand. He’s also a life-long martial artist and loves Dungeons & Dragons. His favorite way to spend his time is with those closest to him.


“My favorite of all is spending time with my three sons and my girlfriend. They give my life purpose and joy beyond measure.” 


You can catch Liam McBride teaching Beginner’s Acoustic Guitar Intensive on Wednesdays at the Historic Masonic Temple. Anyone interested in signing up can register for our next session beginning April 10th.  

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